EB 30ME Deluxe Solar Kit - White


Instead of $3,424.00

An OFF-GRID Solution for the EcoloBlue 30ME Atmospheric Water Generator.

The EcoloBlue 30ME only requires 300 Watts to operate efficiently. The EB30ME is specially equipped to efficiently operate at a lower consumption rate when attached to Solar Power. This EB30ME Solar Panel Kit will allow the EB30ME to generate between 1-3 Gallons of water a day using a panel without battery backup, depending on the humidity conditions and sun conditions. This solution is intended for Emergency use or Off-Grid use.

This kit is modular and can be expanded depending on individual needs by adding extra solar panels and extra batteries to allow for longer run time.

EcoloBlue 30ME Solar Deluxe Kit Package

1 EB30 Maximum Efficiency Atmospheric Water Generator
1 2000 Watt 110V/60Hz Mobile Inverter Cabinet
1 300 Watt Solar Panel
1 Controller 40A / 24 V
3 Cabling / Hardware


- EcoloBlue not responsible for setup or maintenance of solar equipment.

Two 200 AH batteries are required but not included in this kit. Please contact your local (auto) retailer to purchase batteries.

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