EcoloBlue Alkaline 30s - Soda

Model 30S Alkaline is a residential/office unit.  It is just like the Model 30 except the EcoloBlue 30S Alkaline offers a kit that provides carbonated water in addition to hot and cold water.

EcoloBlue’s EB30S Alkaline Atmospheric Water Generators produce water that is a pH of 10. Alkaline water is believed to have many health benefits by helping to neutralize the acidic state inside your body, enhance your immune system and boost your metabolism.

The EB30 is already equipped with a 12-stage Water-From-Air Filtration System that includes 5 filters and 3 UV lamps :  






Top tank
UV Lamp
UV Lamp
Bottom tank
UV Lamp
qfc-ef1-512x512.svgqfc-ef2-512x512.svgqfc-af1-V.svg qfc-ro-V.svgqfc-ef3-V.svguv-top-tank-lamp.svguv-inline-lamp.svguv-bottom-tank-lamp.svg

The system features a Stainless steel bottom water collection tank and a 2.9 gallons stainless steel top dispenser tank equipped with UV Spectrum Filters.

The Model EB30S Alkaline offers the following features: 

99-9.svgCarbonated Water
99-9.svgPure Alkaline water with a pH of 9.5-10
Up to 8 Gallons or 30 Liters per day, Humidity Dependent
hot-and-cold.svgHot and Cold Water
Child Safety Lock on Hot Water
Advanced Leak Detection System
nature-2.svgReflux Technology to ensure the water remains fresh
12 Stage Filtration Process including Reverse Osmosis
Ultraviolet Lights for Sterilization
Customizable Hot and Cold Temperature
99-9.svg99.9% pure water
Solar power Option
Fixed Compressor


- Do not try to carbonate any other liquid besides water.

- Add the flavoring only after you have carbonated the water. Adding before can cause the water to enhance the carbonation and cause a mess.



Height44 In
Width17 In
Depth18 In
Area Covered2.15 Ft²
Weight130 Lbs
Power Supply110V/60Hz or Int’l available upon request
Rated Input Power925 W
Compressor Power420 W
Energy Consumption1.14 Kw/Gal
Diesel generator power1.5 KW
Diesel generator Consumption1.06 Gal/day
Working Conditions Temperature32° - 113° F
Product Capacity8 Gal/day (86° F / 80% H.R )
Working Conditions Humidity35% - 90%
Pure Water Storage Capacity2.5 Gal
Original Water Storage Capacity0.5 Gal
Water Capacity when using city water2.1 Gal/h
Noise Level57-67 dB
Cooling39°~ 50° F
Heating167°~203° F
Life Span10 Years
Warranty1 Year

EB30 Series Spanish Manual

This is the Spanish Manual for EB30 Series Atmospheric Water Generator


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