Atmospheric Water Generators


Designed for small rooms, the EB30 Series (EB30E, EB30X, EB30X-Alkaline) atmospheric water generators are ideal for homes and offices, regardless if they are on land or sea. With the solar panels attached they turn in the perfect companion for all environments creating water where it's needed.

 EcoloBlue 30EEcoloBlue 30XEcoloBlue 30x Alkaline
99.9% pure water
Needs 35% or higher humidity to produce water effectively.
Up to 8 Gallons or 30 Liters per day, Humidity Dependent
Ultraviolet Lights for Sterilization
Mineralization - pH 7.5
Alkaline Water - pH 8.5-10
5 gallon stainless steel tank
11 Step Filtration System, including reverse osmosis (no UV3)
Sound Improvement from 60DB to 52DB.
Multi Language Touch Screen
One button power
Panasonic Fixed Compressor, not recommended for solar
Reflux Technology to ensure the water remains fresh
Advanced Leak Detection System
Customizable Hot and Cold Temperature
Cold water set at 10°C/50°F
Instant Hot Water
3 Automated Dispensing Options
Child Safety Lock on Hot Water
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